The Inflatathon is more than just a fun run. It all starts as soon as you pass the gates and head into the Village. The village is full of great challenges, activities, games and some of the best food trucks in the country. The Village is a great place to compare photos from the course among friends and family as well as spend the day after a fun and challenging run around the Inflatathon course.

Food and Beverage

With some of the best food trucks in the region, your taste buds are sure to be watering and ready for some good food, especially after completing the Inflatathon course.

Rugged Warrior Challenge

Rugged Warrior Challenge is a great place for families to hang out and experience a short version of what the Inflatathon is all about. The Rugged Warrior Challenge is safe and perfect for the whole family, allowing them to challenge each other in a race through the Rugged Warrior Challenge! Along the short course, you will bounce, jump, crawl and slide your way through the series of blockades. The Rugged Warrior Challenge will keep you going and running in circles as you try and be the fastest. You need to be at least 1m tall to try the challenge.

What are you waiting for? Challenge yourself, your friends and find out who is truly a rugged warrior!

Sponsor Activations

All our sponsors have the opportunity to activate their brand in the Inflatathon village. You can use our awesome Inflatathon tents or provide your own, the choice is yours. Create your own unique space that engages the bouncers and drives home your brand message. Get Pumped and join the bouncer movement!
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